About me & this site


Hello and thanks for visiting my site. My name is Mark MacKay the creator of Acne-Explained.info. This is the page were I tell you a little about myself and why I created this site. I wrote a press release that I think explains it all quite nicely. So I am going to post it below.

Fighting Acne fallacies

Seven years ago, Mark MacKay was a teen with an annoying problem. He was getting new pimples and zits on his face, chest and back everyday. So he turned to the Internet for help.

Now looking back, Mark laughs at some of the information and recommendations he come across and actually tried. One method of clearing up acne that stands out in his mind was to actually rub your own urine on your break outs. Mark admits he never actually bought into that one but is sure some people did.

Not wanting similar things to happen to acne suffers now and in the future Mark decided to create a place where only research based acne information is listed. Doing research in medical journals and health publications Mark has create a information web site dedicated to just the facts about acne.

This new site will educate those looking for information about acne and let them use this to make informed decisions on how they should care for their skin.

Mark said his acne myth page has been extremely poplar in terms of web site page views. He also included a section for parents so they can help there children with this problem. Parents can play a huge role in helping there own children deal with acne and all of the potential psychological effects. They too should be armed with the proper facts about acne.

Mark hopes in a small way his site will start a trend of people setting useful fact based information sites.